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They always manage to somehow find you, whether it’s through email, text, social media posts/comments, internet forums, blog comments, and here it comes…web traffic. Referrer spam is a search engine spamming technique where a web crawler, usually behind a brand name, uses a fake referrer URL to make repeated visits to your website.

Thanks to Google Analytics, you can put a name to the spammy web traffic bots that ruin your data and deteriorate your marketing decisions. Their intent is to make you think that another website is feeding legit traffic into your website.

I wouldn’t even visit them on your browser – it can put your computer security at risk.

Referrer spam doesn’t necessarily hurt your search rank, or SEO at all, in fact. Your sessions and engagement rates may be inaccurate due to higher bounce rates and shorter session durations.

See the Google Analytics referrals image below to see what I mean.

Don’t get fooled into thinking these referrer websites’ offers to give you more traffic are legitimate.

This makes it harder to make educated marketing decisions based on these important numbers.

Removing/preventing these spam bots from crawling your website and fixing your Google Analytics data doesn’t help your ranking but will give you a much better picture of who actually visits your website, where from, how often, and why.

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Google Analytics is a good gauge of Additional Information As mentioned, each of these are reporting similar data, but data that itself is collected differently.

In Google Analytics, you’ll see this effect under your web traffic’s referral list.

To see this list, click “Acquisition,” then click “All Traffic,” and then click “Referrals.” Google Analytics will then list the URLs of websites that send traffic to your website for your pre-selected data range.

The bounce rate and/or new sessions will likely be 0% or 100%.

The average session duration will be or unusually long. These suspicious numbers are because the bot visits your site and bounces out multiple times, making it look as though your website is receiving several sessions from that referral website.

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