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When he turns from the bar and bumps in to one of the guys on purpose, they are different guys. When I'm asked of my favorite movie ever, this is ALWAYS the first to come to mind.

És az a szerencsétlen kislány egy apja szervezte kerületi lerészegedésen egy szemét nagybácsi által megerőszakoltatik, majd öngyilkos lesz (rajta talán már az sem segít, hogy az ősök közé temeti anyja).

At the center is Jake's drinking and further carelessness of his family's dissipation.

While Beth's answer is to nurture and aid her children, Jake insists it's best to drink away the problems and quit being so "soft" on the kids.

I won't reveal what happens, but in the last 5 minutes, every person shows so much inner strength that I glow with admiration for their actions.

Especially those of Beth and her oldest son, whose interaction with Jake results in my favorite scene in the movie.

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