Error 3251 current recordset does not support updating

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Name, Date, Month, and Year), and warns you (in table design.) It responds to only a very few reserved names, so you still need this utility or list.

Like Access 95 (the first 32-bit version) and Access 2000 (the first JET 4 version), Access 2007 is a major revision.

Access 2007 cannot understand some expressions that work in previous versions.

For example, this expression in the Control Source of a text box results in #Name: =[Form].[Recordset Clone].[Record Count] For a workaround, see Avoid #Error in form/report with no records.

If a database linked to an Office Live site is taken off line, and opened with an unactivated Access 2007, the user is warned that the data is read-only.

However, the form permits data entry, but loses the data when the form is closed.

ACCDBs do not support security, and Access 2007 does not provide the interface to manage security for MDBs.

Use tables attached to a database that has security (SQL Server, My SQL, ...), or attach tables from an MDB and manage them as described in kb 918583, or Security Considerations and Guidance for Access 2007 or What happened to User-Level Security?

Seriously useful for individuals and developer teams who want consistency.

You cannot use a table with a multi-valued field in an IN clause (i.e. crosstab queries above select queries or action queries.) Configurable.

in another database.) Problems with filters - kb 926701Harder to find an object, e.g. Once a category is collapsed, the Nav Pane does not remember the most recently used object under each category.

Inevitably, there were bugs in the initial release of this version too.

All the engine-level bugs in previous versions have been carried into Access 2007 unfixed, so you can expect the same incorrect results in your queries.

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