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Wait and watch or check back often and you'll be sure to see them! A: The yellow post is actually a T-shaped perch that the owls can use for increased elevation to survey their surroundings. A: Burrowing Owls are most active at dawn and dusk so mornings and late afternoons are the best time to view them.But they will appear at any time of the day so keep watching!They need to nest in areas above the flood level and the area closest to the road is most suitable for them. The burrowing owl spends most of its time on the ground, where its sandy brown plumage provides camouflage from potential predators.One of Florida's smallest owls, it averages nine inches in height with a wingspan of 21 inches.

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During the day, they are usually seen standing erect at the mouth of the burrow or on a nearby post.The presence of burrowing owls is primarily dependent upon habitat.Humans have created new habitat for burrowing owls by clearing forests and draining wetlands.Burrowing owls mainly eat insects, especially grasshoppers and beetles.They can be of special benefit in urban settings since they also consume roaches and mole crickets.

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