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He taught me all about herbs and when we where sick as children he also healed/cured us with herbs... Hes really nice and he hasnt started treatment yet but I... It is all I have ever known in my 18 years of life and honestly I'm pretty laid back about the whole thing. I'm feeling hopeful as my side effects have been minimal. This website and you helped me so much, when I needed it more. I think I'm gonna give it an alias and call it Trip. But I can type,read and write & that's good enough. about a month and this whole time I didn't tell him I was HIV because I was afraid he would not give me a chance. It echos in my head every night, every time i close my eyes. My future seemed to do a a complete reversal right there and then. Eating healthy , stopped smoking , juicing every day fresh vegetable and... Could it have been from that quickie in the loo with the barman? I got a call from the health department telling me someone that I had sex with contracted an STD. Then one day went as a support to my friend to the clinic. for almost 20 years now, when I was 10 I started to wonder why do I get treated so differently, get tired so easily, couldn't do things most kids my age could do, like sleep over, go to camp, or have friends over, so one day my dad had my doctor explain to me everything I was... Everything was great until I heard the final words from the doctor: "Unfortunately, the HIV test came positive". I come from an herbal family, where my farther had been the best herbalist I have ever known. I met a muscle bound marine guy that just found out that he was positive two weeks ago. I was dating, having fun, being in-love and being just myself. closer I'd like to continue being in touch with you. haven't gotten out of bed yet though, so I don't know if I can still walk? It is so easy to look at someone and pass off any judgements on them, yet it makes so much difference to look for a moment beyond, for that sadness beneath their smiles, or a glimmer of... well its been along road almost 4yrs now since i was diagnosed,ive almost died n given up on myself at sum points but im finally in a good place.i have an amzing family and i was blessed tomeet an awesome girl who has became my best friend.is never easy and wen ur handed... I've never experienced such pain in my life before and I still have episodes of pain... HIV is an awful dizzies but we can control it by medication !!! Actually just would like to say that HIV "maybe " changed my life to Better !!!! And everytime I drink it, I will continue to wonder where I got this from? I was 21 years old, it was a hot summer day in june when I found out. Doing job that I always wanted ,healthy, lots if travel, great and healthy family and amazing 2 best friends. When the studios starting overly stage managing the fucking in the early 90's that's when it all went to hell. Someone teased that they knew who he was and that he moved from LA to Portland, or vice versa, and was an artist and musician. He also gets rimmed and cums, but the rimming is edited out... It's not like the guy filming isn't in the videos as well, so he's not hiding his identity.

super hot, and has done a few scenes for Pumping Muscle, where bodybuilders get felt up.

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I was given an AIDS diagnoses while in the hospital Feb 2007. Im a female, 23yrs, been hiv ve for about 2yrs now.

You never know how bad you want to live until death is staring you in the face. have you ever given a lil thought that a sneezed of...

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