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That was my brother, and we [were] really close and I love him dearly, but that was her dad, and she was young to have her dad taken from her.” He added, “But she is doing better.

And we’re just protective of her and everyone around her is, and that is why no one hears too much [about her]. Paul was so protective of all of us, he was a very private person.” As for Cody, it’s still hard not to have his brother here.

The best everything.” Cody told after the event that Meadow is doing better these days.

“Time does help, but for her it is different than it is for me.

17, 2016) to pay tribute to the actor, as his brother, Cody Walker, talked about how Paul’s daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, now 17, is doing.

Cody hosted second annual Game4Paul fundraiser in Los Angeles, a six-hour live-streamed event to raise funds for Reach Out World Wide (ROWW), the nonprofit disaster relief organization founded by Paul.

Walker, who died in a fiery car accident in 2013, would have turned 43 on September 12.

The younger Walker fought back tears when speaking about his big brother. The best big brother, the best son, and the best father.

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Today I bring you my new pixel art, the character Kirito from the anime Sword Art Online. If you liked it, please hit that green button below Thank you.Diesel posted a pic of the event on Instagram, congratulating Cody on a “great job” and adding, “Seeing family…priceless.” The event raised over 0,000, which will go to help support the Louisiana flood victims and help ROWW prepare to respond to similar disasters.I was talking with a Thai friend yesterday and the conversation turned to one of his relatives who used to work in a local go-go bar and who now is quite ill.Philippe Seur who is/was the most knowledgeable doctor in Pattaya about HIV but the only information I can find is from mid-2012. Other than finding a good private physician, we'll take him to a government hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Thanks, guys, for the information which I've passed on to my friend, who will work with his cousin in getting him into the medical system.

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