Scary online dating memes

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Clutching a bottle of his own brand whisky 'Notorious', which he said was 'coming soon', Mc Gregor appeared to take defeat in his stride during the post-fight press conference. ' He added that he thought the referee had done a 'great job' despite believing the fight had been called off 'a bit too early', but still respected the decision.

'I'm going to take over the Irish whiskey market - and this is delicious! I would have liked to have seen the end of the 10th.'I have this patch where I must overcome - I get a little wobbly - but it's more fatigue ... Mayweather said after the fight: 'He's a tough competitor. 'Our game plan was to take our time, let him shoot all his heavy shots early and then take him out at the end down the stretch.'I gave the fans what they wanted to see.

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English actor Kayode Ewumi has provided the internet with one of the most popular memes of 2017, even beating President Donald Trump in a ranking of the most shared images of the past 12 months.

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The memes exist in gif form, and can also be found online as still images, sometimes with text superimposed on them.

Based on these criteria, the gif of Ewumi came first and the Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, also known as Salt Bae, came in second position with a gif that shows him sprinkling seasoning with his arm bent.

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