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Most of whom couldn’t give a shit about him when he was alive.

One “friend” even threw a catered memorial at her Hollywood mini-mansion with about 60 of his closest “friends.” I don’t think Jonathan had talked to the hostess in well over a decade, not to mention the slew of child actors that came out to cry and tell stories.

Jonathan was one in a million, but sometimes a lot to handle.

In a panic, I sat on the floor and she said those words I’ll never forget. I told them that I was his best friend, and I needed their help.Jonathan was anti-dugs and wouldn’t even walk into a party if he smelled marijuana.He had odd little quirks that over time I found charming.I hadn’t shared my feelings yet with him, but I was giddy with excitement. He took me to a travel agency the morning of his first day off. He told me to close my eyes and to point to a spot on the big map on the wall. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel, and he booked us a table our first night there at one of the most expensive restaurants in Paris. I’ll never have definitive answers to any of my questions, but I do know the answer to the “theory” that was put out in the press… He was always working, had recently sold a home which left him financially stable and was directing and writing.Of course, Jon only brought a pair of army pants and a thermal, so when we got there, they balked at him and immediately ushered him away to another room to dress him in a suit coat and tie. His “career” had nothing to do with it and the press making accusations that Jonathan Brandis hung himself because he didn’t get a pilot. To put things into perspective, he printed up a t-shirt that said “FUCK PILOT SEASON” and wore it to all his pilot auditions.

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