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These are New York Sightseeing Tours with a twist (and a Rabbit! There are four different packages to choose from, one for every budget!* Please note, this is an “R-Rated” tour, based on the HBO series.Far from being a liability, this is a point in our favor. Nevertheless, I've observed my fellow women striving to up the bawdy in all of their post- must've said, "Let's have our characters sleep in their bras and see if it catches on." And it has.It's now standard practice, even in R-rated movies.Sometimes it seemed like the only thing Carrie did was shop, and we’ll show you some of her favorite sources.Remember Charlotte’s favorite shoe store, or the Manolos Carrie lost at her friend’s party?Do not blog about them, do not indicate them in your status updates, and don't you dare read your personal essays at even one open mic night.Essentially, stop telling everyone about all the people who haven't wanted to be with you no matter how funny or charming other lonely people might find it to be.

But my purpose is not to insult, it is to instruct, and with the gentlest of hands — hands that I will now use, two decades thereon, to set a wrecking ball to the pearlescent gray apartment in which so many women have been vainly quailing all these years.has existed in some form — in print, on TV, on film, in sequel, and in prequel — all over the world for about twenty long years now (Candace Bushnell, who spawned the franchise, started writing in 1993).There are full-fledged women who have never known a world in which it didn't exist.The problem occurs when another woman shifts the balance of attention away from the original woman, causing her to exclaim, "This was supposed to be ! As a rule, grown women should refrain from saying anything that naturally lends itself to a foot-stamp. Publicly crafting yourself as a person who can't find love will not encourage anyone to love you.You should resist every urge to make your dating horrors into a cottage industry.

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