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Gomez likes The Weeknd's birthday Instagram: Around Valentine's Day, the paparazzi photographs the two making out on a yacht in California.

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Gomez reportedly paid ,000 for The Weeknd's Dave & Buster birthday party, although she was in New York City on the actual day for work.

Bieber first reached out to reconnect after finding out about Gomez's kidney transplant. Meanwhile, Page Six publishes a report that The Weeknd and Drake are beefing because Drake allegedly had a fling with The Weeknd's ex, Bella Hadid.

The Sunday before Tesfaye and Gomez's breakup is announced, Gomez and Bieber are spotted having breakfast together, going to church together, and then spending the rest of the day and night at each other's houses, just the two of them.

"I feel like for so long, I think you know, being a young woman, I've been single I mean for like, four years?

I think it's so important and I spent so much time making sure that everything that I do, I do for myself.

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